The founding father of the Schecher Group Owners Club (SGOC) is Richard J. Schecher, Sr who is also the founding father of the Schecher Group Family of Companies. Richard created and funded the SGOC in response to inquiries from fellow condo owners in South Florida where Richard served as the Association President for over 15+ years and later expanded the SGOC to owners at other Resort Condo Properties and Associations where Richard maintained a financial interest or one of his company's maintained a financial interest.  

The SGOC has become the watchdog for individual condo & timeshare owners at various South Florida Condo Properties who are unable to keep abreast of the developing issues because they either live out of state or out of the country.  The SGOC also offers valuable owner related services to its membership and provides true value added benefits to condo ownership in South Florida and across the country.

The SGOC is a proud member of the Schecher Group which is a family of niche market companies with a presence in the real estate, insurance, finance, and hospitality industries and the Schecher Group Owners Club (SGOC) is a niche company that specializes in the vacation home and resort condominium ownership industry. 

The Finance Division of the Schecher Group (Bridgeport Capital Services) provides over $120,000,000 in annual finance\factoring to main street America and now the SGOC, as part of the SG Real Estate Division, has made its private portfolio of luxury vacation homes, estate homes, and luxury Old World Caribbean Villas available to the membership of the SGOC as a new Vacation Home Buyers Alternative. 


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