Brokerss & Agents

  This exciting new program will open the door for Agents & Brokers to earn exceptional commissions while providing their clients with an outstanding service. 

SGOC will be offering members direct owner access to multi-million dollar homes at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional vacation home ownership.  

Agents & Brokers will be able to make sales with real time client savings and earn higher than normal commissions.  Example:  The SGOC $150,000 Vacation Home Sale yields the client a Million Dollar Property and the Broker earns a $25,000 Commission compared to the $9,000 maximum commission that may have been earned on a similar $150,000 sale.

The Client benefits because he has unlimited access to a million dollar home at a fraction of the cost and the Broker benefits because he earns a commission that is almost 3X the normal.

Discover how you can make more money by helping your clients save money on the purchase of their next vacation home. Show you clients the benefits of becoming a member of the SGOC where they can spend as little as $125,000 and enjoy all of the ownership privileges as the guy who spent $1,000,000 for the exact same property. Show your clients how they can spend about 1/12 the cost associated with the purchase of a vacation home compared to the other guy who pays all the expenses for a full 12 months but can only enjoy his vacation home about four to six weeks out of the year.

Real Life Saving for your clients and real commissions dollars in your pocket. Everyone benefits and as a member of the SGOC your client will enjoy the full benefits of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club which will unlock true group discount travel as well as more than 5,000 resorts worldwide. 


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